What is Woodland Alien Music?

That's a good question. Like any website dedicated to promoting original music with the intent to work with a multitude of amazing and talented individuals involved with similarily fantastic projects, a certain amount of hyperbolic language is expected. However, let's just have the music speak for itself. Let's not complicate things with declarations of diversity, originality and uniformity of sound. Let's listen to music, and if it's enjoyable, let's chat.
Background Music

Background Music by Leif Chappelle
Action Cues

Action Cues by Leif Chappelle
Character Themes

Character Themes by Leif Chappelle

All lo-fi music that I write is posted over on the fantastic chiptune site 8bitcollective. While the pieces are also uploaded in my own music archives here on WAM, go check them out at 8bc and feel free to comment away! Supplementary link here.